History & Recordings

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Convention Recordings
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Local Class Recordings
Br. Cristi Crisan – “The Parables of Jesus” Audio MP3
Br. John Baker – “A Life of Praise” Audio MP3Slides & Notes
Br. Walter Schroeder – “From Glory to Glory” Audio MP3
Br. Brad Bach – “Devoted To Prayer” Audio MP3 Slides Prayer Relaxation Notes
Br. Jerry Leslie – “Pyramid – Miracle in Stone” Slide Presentation
Br. Wes Cramer – “Abraham’s Family Album” Audio MP3
Br. Allen Springer Study – “Armour of Light” Audio MP3
Br. Allen Springer – “A Teaspoon of Honey” Audio MP3
Br. Darcy Andrus – “The Trial of Your Faith” Audio MP3
Br. Dan Beard – “Revelations Chapter One”Audio MP3
Br. Walter Schroeder – “A Review On Prayer”Audio MP3
Br. Robert Long – “What is Obedience”  Audio-MP3 Presentation-PDF
Topical – How Doctrines Sanctify – Covenants, Jubilees, Fall of Babylon & Harvest – 5/19/19
Topical – How Doctrines Sanctify – Reign, Restitution, High Calling, Israel, Consecration – 6/2/19