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2HowToStudyHow to Study the Bible (47 pages)
Explains the five most efficient study techniques:JoyCometh
context, topic, symbol, type/antitype, and time frame..

Joy Cometh in the Morning (95 pages)
Reviews the beautiful plan of God and the joy
that will follow mankind’s long night of weeping.


What is this World Coming To? (57 pages)
Examines current events in light of prophecy and the2IsraelMiracles
outcome of troubles facing this present world.

Israel: A Nation of Miracles (30 pages)
Proves Israel’s existence and prosperity is due to
God’s returned favor. Learn of the inspirational events
happening in this country surrounded by modern giants.

2DoctrineOfChristThe Doctrine of Christ (80 pages)
Clarifies the relationship of the Father, the Son and
the Holy spirit. Provides views of the early church Fathers2IsraelTabernacle
on this subject and its development in church councils.

Israel’s Tabernacle: Meeting Place Between God & Man (24 pages)
A colorful guide to understanding the literal and symbolic lessons
of Israel’s Tabernacle intended for both Jews and Christians.

2FascinatingFactsFascinating Facts for Bible Students (42) pages)
Provides amazing facts about the Bible’s historic journey
and how these have affected the true and false church.2ComfortConsolation

Comfort and Consolation (28 pages)
Scriptural evidence and hope
of a resurrection from the dead.